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Privacy Policy

Confidential information:

We certainly believe in a professional bond with our clients, which means we keep your information confidential in a secured environment. We have a separate team working to take care of your personal as well as professional information. Our client’s information remains confidential and cannot be added to our portfolio till their consent.


We have an authentic and valid protocol for all the documentation. We keep our contracts safe and legal without misusing any information. The copies of the contract not only get stacked in files but also gives confidence to our clients to trust us more as we give them a free hand of any legal inquiry in case of contract violation or misuse of information.

Secure payment:

Beware of the digital thieves; we certainly condemn such acts of dishonesty. We have secured a method of charging and payment. We will not be able to charge your card without your authorization as well as consent. Besides that our chargeback policy requires a strict cancellation notice 30 days before chargeback.