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Why is Website Development essential?

Due to some major advancements in websites, related businesses, web developers, and

designers are most likely to be at the forefront of modern web technologies and practices.

Whilst, overlapping design elements, CSS white spaces, creating strong STA’s, SEO (Search

Engine Optimization), parallax scrolling, and broken grids have an integral part in such design

practices but they all function through web development making it a very important aspect of

web design practices. Conclusively, keeping yourself updated regarding the trends plays a

vital role in thriving in this dynamic space.

The trends which we are going to discuss here are not about the intricate experiences which

are accessible to the advanced/privileged users, it is for everyone who is part of it.

Over time, major technological changes have redefined the web development process as we

know it. Keeping your target audience satisfied with your services is highly important. We

need to keep up with their expectations by completely overhauling the web design idea, by

putting our focus on the right track.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

As we can see the web is evolving fast. There are a couple of things which come along with it

such as internet speed which has improved around the world. Therefore, there has been a

vast range of users who have been consuming multimedia content that are, videos, podcasts,

and information graphics, and so on.

If we talk about the importance of technological changes over time, we can realize how the

things which we could not think of happening are now taking place, including, immersive

videos, virtual reality videos, 360 images, and interactive videos have become possible in

2020. Moreover, in health and safety departments, Virtual Reality Therapy has become a

worldwide practice. Experiments have been taking place using VR to stimulate the causes,

symptoms, and other problems that come along with the person dealing with the disease.

Thus, it has become very common to experience life from their perspective via 360 videos

with the help of a VR headset.

According to the statistics, in 2020, virtual reality (VR) will become the new normal. The most important aspect of VR and Augmented Reality is that it provides the user with the most eccentric experiences which are unquantifiable, which helps in stimulating growth. As of now,

the customers can analyze the product before purchasing it, by seeing how it works in


Many known brands have been utilizing VR and AR in their projects, such as YouTube, Google, etc. Furthermore, you can watch interactive videos through VR depending on where you are located and your internet speed. In the upcoming year, virtual reality will have a vital

role in web development, hence it will have an integral part in the video communication tool.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Every brand wants to fulfill its customer expectations by providing them with better services

with zero or minimum default. For that, you should be incorporating AI-powered systems into

your development processes.

Transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft have been indulging with AI to evaluate the

information regarding the cost of one ride, to connect you with the appropriate passengers to

eliminate any waste of transportation costs, also to minimize the time the passenger has to

wait between booking a ride and the arrival. This has been made possible by the utilization of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

With the drastic changes in consumer behavior, it has become very important for web

developers to engage themselves to learn more about how to build AI which can streamline

everything. It will help evaluate the current trend and statistics for future predictions,

competitive analysis, and brand image and recognition. Furthermore, to enhance customer

service, AI will be able to develop the future of cybersecurity.

According to some resources, businesses around the world will be spending more than 2.5

billion US dollars between 2016 and 2025 on AI which is going to prevent cybersecurity


Message Pop-Ups

Over this time, businesses have started using pop-up messages as their communication tool.

This tool can stimulate sales and can work out as one of the most important assets for the

web developers to incorporate in their projects.

Now sending direct data to customers and site users has become very easy due to this

technology. It can generate records regarding sports scores, reports on traffic changes,

warnings about certain deals, and feedback facilities in no time.

Effective communication between companies and their clients is important for several


Lack of engagement between the two parties adds to the company’s costs due to increased

defaults and decrease in sales which makes it important to put all your focuses on customer

communication. Moreover, saving costs in the development of a versatile application.

The most eccentric part of pop-ups is their ability to fulfill their purpose while eliminating any

chances of obstructing the user. Conclusively, web developers have been putting more

emphasis on implementing these trends in their web portals, including applications and

discussion boards. Moreover, such trends will outshine in the upcoming years and gain


Voice Search

As web developers are not capable of making the most of it from voice searches. There has

been a dramatic change in consumer activity when it comes to the way other voice-enabled

devices like apple Siri and Google are being processed and the users are being captivated by

these advancements.

That voice search has been there for many years but due to changes in consumer behavior and lifestyles, it has become the new normal for the majority. This formidable technology has made it possible for people to get online information regarding something without even typing. According to sources, the use of voice searches has increased by 50% over the year 2020.

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